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Area Rugs: Your Floor's Best Friend

Posted on December 13 2018

Area Rugs: Your Floor's Best Friend

There are no shortage of individual styles and tastes for today’s consumer!

Thankfully a flooring product exists that is capable of accommodating the mildest to the wildest preferences. The humble area rug.

For thousands of years, people have coveted rugs not only for the warmth they provide, but also for the personality they can bring to any room.

The earliest known rug; The Pazyryk Carpet, dates back to the 7th century B.C. and was discovered in 1949 in Siberia. Tribes from all over the globe used woven wool rugs for everything from tent flaps, to blankets, to creating saddlebags for transporting materials on horseback.

From East Asia to South America the product has served mankind for generations, gaining its adoption as a floor-covering accompaniment in Europe around the 1700’s. Perhaps no flooring product has such a global footprint, or can deliver such a unique story to your home.

No flooring product has such a global footprint, or can deliver such a unique story to your home

In terms of holding their value, many rugs can be seen as collector’s pieces with the Persian rug known as the Clark Sickle Leaf Carpet in 2013, fetching just shy of 34 million dollars at a Sotheby’s auction!

That rug you bought online for $39 is probably not going to hold up for centuries as a collector’s piece, but if you have the budget there is no shortage of opportunities to pick up a truly unique and valuable piece of functional art. 

 With the global popularity of rugs at an all time high right now, your options for a beautiful rug for your home are nearly limitless!

You can choose from Traditional to Modern styles, Geometric to Abstract patterns, and Wool to Synthetic materials with millions of color options available. Whenever you have a hard surface floor, one of your first considerations is always going to be what type of rug you are going to put down on it.

With the winter upon us, your feet may start to realize a need for a new area rug, long before your head does. When the need strikes, we have a large selection of rugs and offer FREE Shipping on all rug purchases!